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                                Celebrate and dance so free 
                                Music’s got me feeling so free
                                Celebrate and dance so free 
                                         One more time 

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Commission for royaljelliefish!

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This… needs… more… notes..

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Someone asked how I COLORED the one that isn’t PAINTY I FORGOT WHAT IT’S CALLED so YEAH sorry it’s p messy cause i sped through it

gosh it feels so weird drawing after not drawing for so long soBS

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Some of the things I made in 2013 I like best. I actually made a lot of things I like this year, and now that I’m looking at these I feel like I don’t have anything here that shows one of the things I feel I got a lot better at this year, namely having the ability to draw real clean in my toolkit (also black and white) but well, it’s all in the archive anyways.

This year for me was very…full. 

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I had the pleasure of finally meeting with Tim Okamura while in New York and got to strike a couple of poses for a portrait. If you haven’t come across his work before, it’s about time you did! Represented by galleries in New York, Canada and Italy, Okamura is an extraordinary painter who "investigates identity, the urban environment, and contemporary iconography through a unique method of painting - one that combines an essentially academic approach to the figure with collage, spray paint and mixed media."

An absolute pleasure to be in company with, I visited his studio and got to see a bit of his creative process before downing a couple of beers with him and some new friends. I am very excited to see more of his upcoming work. You can find him HERE and HERE.  - Yagazie

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